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Pond shop

Blakewell have a range of fish and pond equipment that's tried and tested

As well as a fine range of selected Koi, Goldfish, Comets, Golden Orfe and Shubunkins we also offer a wide range of pond goods from pumps and filters to liners, medication and food. In fact everything you will need to build and maintain your pond and aimed at helping you with every aspect of this fascinating and fun hobby.

But not only do we sell the equipment on site, our staff are experts on the subject with years of experience and a wealth of information to help you choose the right equipment and solve any fish and pond related problems you may have.

The specially selected equipment we offer for sale possibly won’t be the cheapest on the market but it will have been tried and tested by ourselves and recommended by us as fit for purpose, cost effective and reliable. 

Goldfish at Blakewell Shubunkins at Blakewell Koi at Blakewell Pond fish at Blakewell Golden Orfe at Blakewell